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3D is a dynamic technology, used in many different mediums -- from films to real-time video games. As technologies improve, higher quality output becomes possible and new use-cases pop up – from holographic projections to integration with upcoming Metaverses.


The owner of a Glorian Gears 3D Digital Original will have access to the special Glorian Gears Digital Pit Crew services.  Think of it like owning a private race car that needs to be made ready for its new race or festival.  The same experts that digitized the physical car will prepare the car for whatever challenge presents itself in the future, while always providing the best performance and look.


Do you want your unique digital car optimized for a new 3D engine? Or need a custom background of your garage added to the NIRA viewer? The Pit Crew is here and ready to make it happen.

The Digital Pit Crew services include:


  • Updates and creation of new media based on the 3D Digital Original for your personal use (new renders and videos)

  • Creation of custom environments

  • Conversion of 3D formats for compatibility with potential new technologies and solutions (e.g., various game engines and Metaverses).

  • Extended access to the NIRA instant viewer platform

  • Updates of NIRA viewer content (lighting, layout, and environment background)

  • Maintaining certification and contact with the Original IP Provider

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