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Art direction - Glorian Gears

Design - Glorian Gears

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“King Of The Ring ´21“ - the first King

On 6.6.2021, this very car has crossed the line at the Nurburgring, marking the 7-th win in this formidable race in the history of team Manthey.


The neon-livery car, lovingly known as “Grello” to fans and enthusiasts did not suffer any serious damage – a testimony to the skills of the drivers – but bore all the wear & tear an endurance race delivers. Within moments following the win, the car was adorned with signatures of the team, seven stars marking the streak of wins and covered in drops of champagne from the celebration…


This was the moment – in a short time, the Grello was bound to be cleaned-up, re-branded for new races and challenges, it´s “victory look” to go by into the mists of racing history…


We beg to differ – and took the opportunity to capture exactly this look, this precious moment of time, with the car in the center, uniquely modified by the course of the race, victory and celebration – using state-of-the art technology and 3D-Art know how, to create a “first-of its kind” NFT object.

This by itself is a high worth value as collectible - but this is not enough for cyberartist Glorian Gears - you should have something you can truly use in the world of 21´st century art. Something you can enjoy, that you can be proud of and you can ultimately make money with.


The 3D metadata are added in a one-off certified NFT. It is a combination of the advantages of art NFT’s – current and future use cases, secure storage, no maintenance, simple trading, access and transport and the huge amount of raw high-end detailed data from advanced Photogrammetry 3D scans.


The “King of the Ring ´21” NFT contains a real-time 3D object, accessible at all times on any device and in addition the source data created during its digitalization. This is a future-proof package encompassing a 1:1 digital twin of the original – with every smallest detail it bore at it´s moment of triumph.




“King Of The Ring ´21“ - the first King – digital Gallery:

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